Greystone Protective Services

Training & Mentoring ~ Tactical

Greystone professionals have a well-deserved reputation as being the most experienced and professional instructors in the industry. Their acclaim is due in large part to Greystone's commitment to hiring and training highly qualified ex-military or law enforcement specialists to include Tier-1 level experience. By limiting our recruiting to these exclusive, experienced groups, we can provide individuals who are accustomed to working in austere and hostile environments. Only top qualified candidates are selected for the Greystone Team. Our extensive battery of testing quickly separates the top performers; who are then selected for Greystone assignment. As a result, Greystone always provides a consistent level of expertise.

  • Medical Casualties
  • Marksmanship: Basic & Advanced
  • Urban Operations
  • Room Entry
  • Fastroping
  • Tactical Vehicle Operations
  • Small Unit Tactics
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Navigation
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Other Fundamental Skills

Training Types:

  • Tactical
  • Counterterrorism
  • Emergency response
  • Personal Security Awareness
    (Multi-course program)
  • Maritime & Ground


  • Custom tailored curriculums
  • Targeted training using a progression of complexity
  • "Train the Trainer" programs