Greystone Ground Support

Ground Support

We scale our solutions to fit the customer's needs. Greystone can support subtle, low-profile efforts that bolster and integrate with existing customer assets, or we can provide full-scale static and mobile security solutions. Our goal is to foster a safe and secure environment, allowing our customers to conduct their business without distraction.

We take pride in our agility, speed and ability to execute support operations anywhere in the world. Our cultural understanding and international business experience emulates life in the host country and reflects positively on our client.

Greystone provides highly trained, sophisticated and culturally knowledgeable personnel to support your operations. We quickly create turn-key solutions that are tailored to meet each customer's unique requirements and circumstances. We call in the best people to create the best solutions to support our customer's mission and ensure their success.

Greystone operations are rooted by the use of a detailed Program Management system. Our experienced managers are drawn from a group of seasoned professionals with years of management, operational and regional experience. Our track record illustrates our ability to successfully develop, organize and manage all aspects of international risk mitigation operations.

  • Trained and deployed over 700 personnel
  • Conducted operations in ten different countries on three continents
  • Provided turn-key static and mobile security solutions